“West and Wewaxation at Wast” — Elmer Fudd

by henry b.rosenbush, under the influence of the eXisTenTiaLNihLisT; adult themes, graphic language, graphic violence (of the animated variety)

i wanted to sit at the top of this beauty but the closer i got the further away she seemed and after snapping the windmill shot i realized there were cows in the background all urging me to get back in my Jeep Liberty and moo-off from New Mexico. Moo-You, Too.

Isolation as Art: New Mexico

A Rosenbush Pix. Isolation as Art: New Mexico


Another Rosenbush Pix Moonlighting

I was looking back over older posts trying to decipher my mojo at given moments and found the 2010 John Steinbeck riff and realized that sometimes my humor is derived from the least funniest literary material. After I did my spoof I later saw Robot Chicken’s (my favorite animated Adult Swim program for the black humorists’ fix) “Of Moose and Squirrel.” Rather than describe either satire I have linked to my earlier post and RC’s which is worthy of seeing even if the reader is not familiar with the original source.

With Apologies to John Steinbeck, Rocky, Bullwinkle and Lenny

None of this would have been possible had an unpublished post, started in September, 2015, to display some western photography from my trip to Nevada in 2011, remained dormant. The “west and wewaxation” from Warner Brother’s great Bugs Bunny – Elmer Fudd cartoon, Wabbit Twouble (1941) has always made me laugh, especially when Bug’s tricks Elmer into walking off a cliff where the magnificent line is uttered:

“What a gwand view of the canyon from up here!”

One my favorite leitmotifs in cartoons is that Sir Issac Newton’s laws of gravity only exist once participants acknowledge they are violating physical laws, i.e. Wile E. Coyote is not much of a “super genius” when the Road Runner’s supersonic speed constantly lead to his pursuer’s undignified leaps off cliffs. WEC is safe until he realizes he is too far off into space to return to terra firma without a parachute, which even if he had one by Ajax, would not open properly anyway; however, at least he has enough time to display tiny signs proclaiming…


…before waving good bye.

Bugs Bunny – (Ep. 12) – Wabbit Trouble 2015 by serijedomace04

WB’s quintessential maladroit “wascally rabbit hunter” may be a bad aim when trying to eradicate Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck under the broadcast standards and practices censorship but that doesn’t mean he never gets opportunities now that televised dark humor is the genuine standard practices.

Below are three times Elmer is allowed to “be all he can be.” With thanks to Wobut Cwickwin.

Since I inundated dear reader with my dark matter humor I felt compelled to close with Seth McFarlane’s hysterically gruesome and outrageous Road Runner comeuppance.

Much graphic violence and profanity ahead.

Aw, what the fuck, here’s RC’s version

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