The Nature Of Existence

Few trailers for movies, or documentaries, are as perfectly encapsulate as filmmaker Roger “trekkies” Nygard’s upcoming brilliant look at the question of existence and why we are here. Why do we exist? The word “exist” conjures as many questions as answers as Nygard travels across the globe to ask a wide assortment of human beings what it means to them. Spirituality never looked so wonderfully confusing. Let’s hope this docu comes here to the Bible Belt so we can loosen the grip from around the bellies of the unenlightened. I’ll be in the first row so I won’t have to move several times, rather than listen to the same offended idiots, who were in the audience when I reviewed Bill Maher’s Religulous: Funny, Offensive and Thought-Provoking Docu

Trailer Contains Profanity and Sexual Language

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  1. For my christmas my wife got me an apologetics study bible since she could not find the catholic study bible; the translation is actually superb, but all the evangelic commentary, well, I actually find it funny; it says the commentary is to defend your beliefs … but almost all of it is so stupid. Can we really believe in the resurrection? The answer is that the bible clearly says Jesus was resurrected, and that is the proof. So because something is written, it is proof? And then there is the constant mentioning how there are no real contradictions in the bible, it is obvious however that the bible is full of contradiction … that I find is what makes it interesting.I find it sad how the bible is so misunderstood, misunderstood by the bible who claim it is their book.

    Meaning of life … I always wonder why people need a meaning, we are here, that is all … and people search for a meaning because they cannot comprehend how they just are and as such they always need to belong to something and in order to do so they give up their ‘thinking’; so what good is it that we freedom of speech, if we do not have freedom of thought? Levinas describes this well really, how their is this mechanism in which everything is forced to be the same and as such the living world becomes something sterile. How is that dictators get so much power? It is not just that there is a military power to support them, much rather it is that people allow it, it is what Stalin and Hitler did, turn everything into a self-same ideology; but it is also how democracy operates, since democracy cannot stand anything which is not democratic … and these are, I think, the important implications of Hobbes’ Leviathan; the religious fundies group together out of socio-political need, there is nothing spiritual about it … and to end with an interesting thought, the very opening of the bible, Genesis 1:1; “in the beginning” and this is seen as “the” beginning, but I think that the “the” is not necessarily to be seen as an ultimate temporal definition; rather it denotes sometime around the ‘time’ of the beginning. Tanakh (Jewish Publication Society) actually reads “when God began to create” and more interesting I once read that a Dutch professor of Hebrew and Old Testament says that the verb translated as “to create” should actually be translated as “to divorce”.

  2. Steven,

    You really plugged into my upcoming look a “the freedom to think in a democracy that is not what we perceive” and I always appreciate the fact you look beyond the usual and obvious. I spend much mental reflection exploring all that is ethereal and not always restrained by physical laws and commonplace bulllshit. There is enough of that already. It is up to people like yourself, Kalliope, Mamba, LK, et al, to resist what is expected.

    My father was such a perfect example of what you wrote. He oft told me to not concern myself with why I was here or where I was going but to rather concentrate on being here and being true to my writing talents.

    I am the only writer in my long history of family on either side. I am the only left hander and also the only person to say “fuck all this control” in favor of the freedom to think and then articulate my thought processes.

    “What if I am not successful?” I asked him, to which he would always reply: “Success is what you want to it to be and not what it is defined by the word itself.”

    My success is reaching even one person and giving them the platform to share their thoughts. How much more successful is that? We all think it is always about the pot of gold at the end of a mythical rainbow.

    As I told Kalli recently, I’d rather have the rainbow because it represents an existence that is far more precious than wealth: friendship, love, camaraderie with a mishpoca I will never meet in person, and to me my existence is merely that:

    I am because…I am.

  3. Alexa

    I actually saw The Nature of Existence at a Cultural festival. I think the director did such a great of job of keeping everyone engaged and entertained.You’re right, I hope it does get it’s fair share of showings down in the Bible Belt, because I think they would actually enjoy it quite a bit. I’m heading down to LA in July and I’m actually going to make time to see it again. It’s that kind of movie and there aren’t many of those.

  4. Alexa,

    Thanks for sharing your comments on the docu.

    As I expected, in the black hole that is West Ala, it has not played here but I plan to get it on DVD and review it at the Cafe.

    Docus rarely play here, which is a shame since there is a “major” university with a vast multi-cultural enrollment, but rest assured all the stupid gross out comedies and action flicks are here.


  5. Leslie

    So I’m currently watching Religulous for the first time. Now, although I agree with his perspective about religion he does such a bad job of interviewing the people. He ridicules them and the segments are pieced together in a mocking and demeaning manner. I really hope this documentary, The Nature of Existence, does a better job because we need to be able to view these perspectives in a more thoughtful manner.

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