World AIDs Day Deserves All Our Attention


Friends and families share stories of living with HIV World AIDs Day

Half of the children with HIV will die before their second birthday and you can help Worldvision

HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system

As a former journalist, I understand all too well how facts and knowledge are distorted through personal agendas that are often compounded by religious intolerance and socio-political beliefs, intentional misconceptions, bigotry, homophobia and apathy.

No deities are punishing those who are contracting HIV. Punishment comes from their “fellow earthlings” who are duped into believing without discernable knowledge and a blinded acceptance from fools and haters of what HIV is and how it is contracted. It is alarming the number of people who still hold onto ludicrous beliefs that it is a only a disease of homosexuality. I would never castigate someone for having nilhistic or closed-minded in humilty towards their fellow brothers and sisters, take time to learn for yourself the truth and get accurate facts concerning HIV and AIDs. If you choose to ignore the truth put your head back beneath the sand, your ass stuck to a pew and a relinquish any modicum of intelligence lurking beneath your finely coiffed hair.

Otherwise, look into your own heart and soul – you don’t need a mirror, but if it will help look deeply into your own eyes and realize anyone can become a victim: of the disease, the rhetoric, the attitudes and the ignorance.