Shake Holiday Complacency: Tangerine Dream; Popol Vuh; Crow

Tadream’s life performance 30 minutes; other tracks, varying lengths

WARNINGS: The music may come across loud, which is the way it should, but be ready to adjust your volume control and The Fuggs song contains my favorite Dutch word repeatedly.

By now anyone following my musical posts knows my tastes in music is wide-ranging and offbeat and that I have a special place between my ears for anything avant-garde, psychedelic or bizarrely groundbreaking. If you disinterested in music that transcends the usual boundaries of ordinary you should probably leave…now. Otherwise, sit back, take off your shoes, light incense, and turn on a black light to illuminate your poster of Captain America from “Easy Rider” and if you have a bong, pack the bowl tightly.

Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, Crow and The Fuggs will give you a wide array of non traditional and non holiday themed treats to expand your headband. The 1983 Tangerine Dream concert from Warsaw – “Poland” – was a double-LP which has always been a favorite among their live performances; and Popol Vuh was a 1970s psychedelic group in the tradition of early Tadream and Amon Düül (one of the founders of the German rock scene).

Looking through my 8-Track Collection one can still find Crow, a rock group who produced a short list of top forty hits, but had several non hits that didn’t receive airplay outside KAAY’s “Beaker Street” (which ran from 1966-77 on the Little Rock, Arkansas 50,000 watt AM radio station. This was the first underground music station on AM, before FM stations followed the album-oriented format, with deejay Clyde Clifford. I can thank Clyde for introducing me to Vander Graf Generator’s “Pawn Hearts” in 1973 and being patient enough to explain about five times the name of the album, title and track name that caused me to call the station: “Man Erg” and yes, I was stoned to the bats). Thanks to record shows I finally got their three albums and fourth greatest hits compilation on vinyl.

The Fuggs were a mid 1960s rock group today considered a hybrid radical garage band with punk overtones. Their selection is unedited here although when it received airplay you can imagine the word fuck was excised. When I heard the unexpurgated version forty plus years ago I was at first shocked but quickly realized it you were going to sing about the Central Intelligence Agency and their nefarious doings at home and abroad, fuck was appropriate –the obsessive collector

Next Week: Rosenbush Cafe’s Special New Year’s Eve Obsessive Collector will grab you by your ears and stretch your reality so wide don’t be surprised if your brains slide down your chest and get hooked on your belt buckle. Dress casual, come naked or cross-dress, we don’t mind as long as you come prepared to let us rock your roll.