Hypnagogique: Pecked to Death

Adult Themes with graphic profanity, themes of sex and death and rebirth

The Guinea Hen and the Peacock

A close friend recently shared a tragic event that essentially merged with my collectively unconsciousness on the death, love, compassion and regret.

“The guinea was crazy about that nasty peacock,” she said. “You lost your kitty and I lost my sweet guinea…” Days before one of our felines, Kara Mia, was euthanized due to cancer. I was saddened by my loss and here I was now mourning another lost life.

Her guinea hen, which was following a mating male peacock, was pecked to death. “Damn fuckin’ peacock tried to screw the guinea hen then pecked it to death.” The hen was fond of this particular peacock and “…that damned guinea used to go on the roof with that man…followed him EVERWHERE. Followed him for years.”

Once she was dying six peacocks surrounded her in the final moments of life; she was an individual of the pack.

Sad. Weird. In death surrounded by comfort and love…too late.



Eventually, we are all pecked to death.

Melody of the dissonant allure of forsaken dreams ambushed

Fields of tall grass covered my crime
Soil of blood absorbed over time
Lustful and willful; lovers in life
Taken too soon; never a wife

Tragic reminders in moments of heat
Crushing sweetness beneath my feet
Dawn reawakened before it descends
Gone forever my sweetest of hens

Memories mere seconds; dissolved
Where goeth the soul now resolved?
To take from my side a friend who dared
Who got too close to one who cared

By Henry B. Rosenbush