Hypnagogique: soul sweetly sings by pink

Night Rescue from Hyper-Henny

Night Rescue from Hyper-Henny

while sitting in the backyard swing tuesday evening i watched silently as a distant flood light attracted a beautiful green night flyer who mistakenly took henny ben tassus, then later calico guggenheim kittery, of the maine kitteries, for soul-mates. i could not allow this sweetheart to be molested by the restless and subversive milieu that is late night feline playtime. i rescued the insect from paws of danger and once it was safe releashed it to find its fleeting love before inevitable death claims another vicitm of spring.

henny was unamused while cali found other night creatures of smaller varieties to circumvent in the warm green grass of spring.

while recounting the events to pink i was overcome with emotions as the feline began writing poetry. in no way would i deny his feline right to write even if the words herein translated are cryptic in context to the human esthestics of prose and literary acceptance.

fata morgana
insectus organica

half naked
which half, so wicked

glasses half full
fullness in journeys’ pull

to emptiness
unrelenting madness

fully empty the panda cat
never knowing where it sat

breathe in the clove
covered in mangrove
and fields of wheat
no longer to eat

so pathetic

we starve for the sky
and cover one eye

the other eye tears
for hunger fears

fata complete
later we shall meet

in whirlwinds we seek
for promises next week

taste the honey of lust
fly away, you must
in time find love
below or above

fly free
soar and see
how gently on wings
your soul sweetly sings

by pink martini as translated by henny and cali

Hypnagogique: Sharing Felinity by Bianco

Morphing Bianco

Morphing Bianco

Blending into sunlight
Not too fond of night
Living in the shadows
Loving life always matters

Opening portals of mind
Dissolving memories in kind

Universes abound
Never lost, always found

Wrapped in enigmas of love
Sharing emptiness above

No fool in April, be me
Here today for all to see

Bianco Banco Kittery, of the Maine Kitteries

Paroxysmal Prose Premeates Pink’s Poetry

Pink Martini Recites Poetry

Pink Martini Recites Poetry

stimulate my fur
make me purr
caress and spasm
fall into a chasm
peace and love
turtle dove
meow and mew
many and few
we struggle
then snuggle
time eases pain
o’vr field and plain
cat nip and wine
feeling fine
wet food
better mood
restore fate
hug my mate
moments to share
time to lick my hair