Death of Planet Earth Starts With the Animals…We Are Next

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money.” -American Indian Proverb; reposted from Kalliope Amorphous


12.23.12: the original video, which originally accompanied this essay, has been removed from YT; however, the words still need to be read.

My most precious and dearest friend in the ether is Kalliope Amorphous, who is a talented artist, poetess, photographer and writer. She is also a genuine ‘animaltarian.’ Perhaps there is no such word to compare with humanitarian; however, there bloody well should be. Kalliope put together this sobering visual account of the oil spill that is devastating the gulf and every living thing in its path. With music by Antony and the Johnsons (“Another World”) in the background and perfectly selected quotes from Indian Proverbs to George Carlin, Kalliope has given us all a glimpse into the tragedy that has become our worst ecological disaster in the history of America.

The earth is not just humankind’s home, it is the natural habitat of Goddess Mother Earth and she is being raped by the ugliest form of greed facing us today…the continuing destruction of her living environment. While oil executives generally make more money in one day than most of us average humans in several lifetimes, they are drowning their “sorrows” in dirty martinis when they should be coated in oil and choking to breathe like all the birds and fish seen on every newscast in the world.

The eco-system sustains all life forms and once we begin killing animals and plants we will sooner than later finally become a faint memory in the history of the universe.

Maybe that is the human races’ true destiny and legacy; to live and destroy the beauty of Mother Nature and then be destroyed as well leaving not a trace that we ever existed. Future generations, if any, will look upon us with rightful horror and disbelief at how we decimated the land, air and water in the virtual blink of our bloodshot eyes.

The oil spill in the gulf has now reached the coast of the State of Alabama, where I reside, and is only getting worse.

While President Barrack Obama was shown enjoying former Beatle Paul McCartney the other night, who was somehow awarded for his contributions (what they really are is a mystery to me) and smiling and singing along, with his wife, I became physically ill. What is more important, sitting with the wealthy listening to god damned music from a has been musician who can no longer carry a tune or hear the death voice of animals, including species that were finally no longer endangered that now are on the brink of extinction?

What kind of message is the Federal Government sending?

The same one it always does. We’re important and the rest of us are not. When the governor of Louisiana asked for 26 levies he was given six.

This country is on the brink of economic extinction with spending so out of control that Washington State is trying to balance a $3 billion dollar deficit with “sin taxes” on candy, gum and bottled water. WTF? “Sin taxes?” Who gave governments the permission to decide what a sin is anyway?

You want sin….? Destroying the earth is the truest and biggest sin of all.

Watch this video repeatedly’ share it with everyone you know and allow the imagery to coalesce with your consciousness. The next time you think the world is going to end in 2012 forget Mayan prophecies or Nostradamus and think of one word:


We kill one another at such an alarming rate across the globe it is no longer inconceivable that we murder nature as well.


I often fantasize how we must look to any other life forms in the galaxy and have no difficulty understanding why we are not visited by advanced civilizations. We are not advanced; we are essentially monkeys with spreadsheets, driving Mercedes and drinking champagne while the world is reduced to ashes.

We are protoplasm without form or the intellect to solve simple problems. AIDs, Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, sexual abuse of womena and children and the denial of civil rights to mulitudes of people exist yet someone talentless homo saps are viewed on American Idol as more important television viewing than world wide catastrophes.

Face it; most people do not want to see animals covered in oil gasping as their existence ends. They do not want to see the violence of the world when they can watch Bridezilla or reruns of the fucking Sopranos. Entertainment is not the entirety of the world dear literate caring friends. It is a drug to keep your mind off the corruption, poor education and rising deficit and between commercials for beer, Victoria’s Secret and lavish faucets for your bathroom reality is slowly being replaced with bullshit.

We spend billions of dollars on useless techno toys, sexual enhancement drugs and eat tainted food and drink contaminated water and wonder why we are dying of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

I do not wish for the human species to end abruptly; however, every day I see more concrete and steel replacing earth, trees and grass and it makes me sad and angry. For every tree that falls there are none to replace them. Birds, squirrels and micro-organisms deserve a home more than we need a new Federal Courthouse here or another block of condos.

The highest price we are now paying for progress is through the destruction of essence; mind, body, spirit, life itself.

With the death of animals, plants and the eco-system we will be next and as already surmised, perhaps that is our destiny. It should not be so but if we do not end the pollution of earth, mind and collective consciousness 2012 will only be a prelude to the our final waltz on planet earth.