Milo Always Questioning Individual Freedom

Milo and Calico Ponder Individual Freedom

Milo and Calico Ponder Individual Freedom

Milo, seen here with feline-in-law Calico Guggenheim Kittery, of the Maine Kitteries, on a warm June 1, 2004 afternoon at his penultimate home. A sweet and ornery cat throughout his 14 year life, Milo fought vehemently for animal rights, was never afraid of controversy and willing to stand up for repressed felines and protecting their individual freedoms.

El ChupaMilo, as he was often called did have a temper and was the first to admit it. After contracting feline AIDs, Milo continued working until his death in 2006. To honor our brave, fallen friend with a grant from the Tabitha B. Guinness Canine Foundation (1986-2004) we have recently chartered the Milo Institute of Feline Well-Being to continue his fine work with wayward felines, provided tutoring, mentoring, shelter and scholarships for determined animals.

The institute, while populated by cats, recognizes the rights of all animals and subscribes to Henry David Thoreau’s contemplation of the wonders of nature and simple living. Milo was fond of the erotic journals of Anaïs Nin, the Great Dialogues of Plato and the existential and postmodernist writings of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. He also enjoyed Bolivian Cat Nip, Chivas Regal on the rocks and the occassional back massage.

Updated, April 20, 2009

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