Michael McMahon: Profiteer Of Genocide

The Wednesday Ladies Night post is usually about my obscure musical tastes, and although tonight there will be music at the end of this post, I have chosen to share with you a work by someone I admire and respect deeply.

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By now you know that I am a huge supporter of Kalliope Amorphous; her exquisite art, poetry and photography. We have an authentic friendship and her soul touches me deeper than any ocean floor, higher than any mountain peak, and further than the outer most stars in the galaxy.

By the kindest of permission, Kalliope has allowed me to repost, in its entirety, Michael McMahon: Profiteer Of Genocide from March 30th on her blog, Musecatcher.

Rather than explain this profoundly serious and disturbing account of Armenian Genocide and the political machinations and greed that always surround human suffering, I know my readerships is intellectually capable of understanding Kalliope’s outrage. YOU should be OUTRAGED, too. I am, and any rational and caring sentient being should also.

As you read you will learn that whether we are in “brutal past” or “enlightened 21st Century” (yes I am being sarcastic), bigotry, mass murder and racial hatred continues to flourish throughout the world. It will not end in my lifetime; however, until YOU get off your comfortable sofas of apathy and look into the mirror of terror it will continue until the last two human beings are left to kill one another.

As an American Jew, who lost family members, murdered in the gas chambers during the holocaust in World War II, I sincerely believe that the right to live and breathe and exist must be protected and until we take seriously that a concerted effort by multitudes of humans begin to stand up and battle tyranny unafraid of the consequences, we are lost.

It’s time to be found…

This post will be disturbing…as it bloody well should be:

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“Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”


For Immediate Release
March 29, 2010
Contact: Garo Manjikian
Tel: (917) 428-1918


I love this guy….

– Republican Congressional Candidates in NY-13 Urge Passage of Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.252)
New York, NY – Staten Island Congressman Michael McMahon’s (D-NY-13) March 27th fundraiser was picketed by local community groups outraged over his acceptance of campaign donations from interests who backed his recent vote as a member of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee to block American recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

The luncheon reception for the Congressman was held at the Ali Baba Terrace restaurant and attracted nearly 25 guests including several members of the Turkey’s diplomatic corp. More than twice that number protested outside, handing out thousands of fliers alerting local residents and voters about the Congressman’s voting record.

“Given the timing of the fundraiser, it’s clear that Congressman McMahon is cashing in on his recent vote against passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution,” said Paul Saryian, an ANCA activist from Staten Island. “Congressional Representatives should not be rewarded for their complicity in genocide denial or for supporting Turkey’s current aggression towards minorities.”

Rep. McMahon’s inaction in the face of Turkey’s 36-year illegal occupation of Cyprus and silence on Turkey’s repression of its Christian community prompted broad presence by local Greek and Cypriot activist. “We are convinced that if Turkey had been punished for its atrocities committed against Armenians, the invasion of Cyprus and crimes committed against Greek Cypriots would have never happened,” said Nikolaos Taneris, founder and press officer of Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA). “With his recent vote and contributions he is receiving by the Turkish community, McMahon is now complicit in these crimes against humanity.”

Republican Congressional candidates Michael Allegretti and Michael Grimm, vying for the Republican nomination to unseat Rep. McMahon in November, have pledged support for Armenian Genocide legislation. “I urge the members of the House Foreign Relations to stand-up and recognize the genocide, which took place between 1915-1923. It is unspeakable that one and a half million Armenians lost their lives in an effort to erase them from their homeland. Passage of this resolution would be a positive step for the region,” said Allegretti, prior to the Committee consideration of the Armenian Genocide Resolution on March 4th, which passed by a vote of 23 to 22.

“There is no doubt that reconciliation talks between Armenia and Turkey cannot continue in a meaningful way until all parties recognize what happened, and that is why I urge Congressman McMahon to reconsider his position, take a more expansive view of the global implications and do the right thing by supporting this resolution,” said Grimm in a recently issued statement to the ANCA.

In remarks before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. McMahon used euphemistic language to avoid proper characterization of the Ottoman Turkish goverment’s murder of 1.5 million Armenians from 1915-1923. He went on to cite support for the Turkey-Armenia Protocols – an agreement widely seen as the Turkish Government’s latest attempt to derail international recognition of the Armenian Genocide. U.S. Department of Justice Foreign Agent Registration records reveal that Turkey’s lobbyists in Washington have contacted Rep. McMahon’s office over a dozen times of the past year to secure his support for the initiatives. The March 27th fundraising reception was the latest in Turkish-American efforts to support his re-election bid.


*Note also that OBAMA OBJECTED to this resolution. I will not digress into how ASHAMED and INFURIATED I am that I cast my vote for this man who has done NOTHING for the gay community, the American Indian Community (Obama could free Leonard Peltier with the flip of his wrist), and other communities that he very easily could be making huge differences for.When Obama was elected, I spoke on a London news program regarding my profound hope and optimism for his presidency. I now take it all back and eat my words with a side of dog-shit.

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