Iris Camaa and Band Live im EGA

Iris Camma and her Band will perform live am 11.7.08 im EGA, Windmühlgasse 26, 1060 Wien Jardin de Verao, EGA Sommergarten. Iris Camaa, vox; Bernhard Eder, keys; Darius Edlinger, guitar; Stephan Först, bass; Bastian stein, trompete; Sebastian Grimus, sax; Shayan Fathi, drums; Nelson Williams, perc Tania Saedi, backing vox; and Angie Reisinger, backing vox. Eintritt frei, Beginn 21.00. Eine Veranstaltung die den Verein Rosario de Luz, der Kinderdörfer und obdachlose Kinder in Brasilien unterstützt. Editor’s Note: She is quite good; I originally heard her through my Tangerine Dream collection and although she is not likely to perform in Alabama for Homecoming, I always hope to one day have enough $ to travel to Europe to see a live perf. I’ve promoted her before, atlhough I doubt she’ll ever know it, but she is so good I cannot help myself.
Iris Camaa

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