Hypnagogique: Steven Van Neste’s Singularity XXVI


Never ending cycles
Of decadence returning
Wheelchair races
Smashed legs
At the broken cross
Fresh from battle
With skulls
Crossed bones
Dust of ages
Endless of tears
Running down bony cheeks
Dried up eyes of revelation
While quiet people die
Black pope rerborn
Angels dying
With wings torn out
Bleeding upon
That sidewalk of heaven
Return of darkness
Razor sharp
Ace of spades
Coffins being buried
Dies Irae
Everything burns
All dies
In the night
Eating alive at the soul
Bullet chamber being emptied
Three of swords
Daggers in the heart
Virgin of despair
Enigma of the forlorn
Dark alien landscape
Final farewells,
Of butterflies
Kabbalistic golems
Scriptures burned
Rain of ashes
Just and only
Whispers of death
Swansong fading
Like a beacon of distress
When all
Is no more
Feelings obliterated
Just the coldness of steel
Transfigured coffins
Nietzsche’s God
Falling off the tightrope
Flooding the brain
Strange new chemicals
Electricity short circuiting
While outside the jolly crows
Is standing mesmerized
She gives a kiss
And takes your breath
As the poison builds
Inside the temple
Of leprosy
Trials and tribulations
People roaming the desert
Circles of hell
Down, down, down
To depths
Of maddening laughter
Of insanity
And then we all die!
Kill one another in gladiator games
Of suffocation
Freaky encounters
Dead man walking
Through those corridors
Of electrocution
Of life that is past
Beautiful women
Ugly tramps
Exploding chaos
Games of truth or dare
Culling of innocence
Dreams dying
Death dreaming
Through roads
Suspended animation
One man crying
Thousands yelling
Angels fornicating
Devils raping
Children tortured
For the love of fuck
Ghetto encounters
New comedy of the divine
Scarlet red
Without heaven
Trilogy destroyed
Triptych unveiled
Ending with encounters of blackness
The Virgin Mary got raped
Our Lord in Heaven got beat up
Some stuff out of sync
And crazy blind people
Wandering with their imagination
Through tunnels
Tripping over the roots
Of hellish trees
Undone shoelaces
Tremolos and earthquakes
Perhaps better to die
Than being wasted
Perhaps better …
To live for a die
Than to die eternity
As emotions flutter with their clutter
And people asking:
‘Who is dying anyway?’
And people drinking at the funeral
Everything out of bounds
And all the bollocks
And all the shyte
The sickness
Nurses from the devil
Doctors of ignorance
And the church fucked up
And its doctors gone nuts
While everyone chants Halleluiah
Begging for mercy
Kyrie Thanatos
Let us have one last shout!
Let us have a toast!
While the children cry
Let them be butchered
The acts of Herod the insane
Roman peace by proxy
Turkish delights
Crusades of broken hearts
Empty vessels
Broken boats
Torn down aqueducts
While everyone goes hip hip hooray
And the prisoner gets shot
Iron nails running inside
And the priest has another glass
Cheers to betrayal!
Cheers to apathy!
And outside the world keeps on turning
With cracked emotions
People are crying
But all keeps on moving
Even when has set for good
When God has been killed and there is no hope
Even then …
All keep on cheering

Steven Van Neste

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