death by neglect: humans discard everything


Southside of Birmingham, AL. A photo from three years ago, when I was traveling snapping shots of the many buildings that humans built and abandoned. Looking at the building today; it is still dilapidated but has never been completely demolished, it occurred to me how easily we abandon animate and inanimate objects without a care of the consequences. We are ALL guilty in some manner of this unfortunate human characteristic and, I, for one hope to alter that negative paradigm.

forgive, forget; without regret.

returning from depths of ruin to rebuild another world, in another dimension, while restoring a modicum of sanity. profound thanks to marty for restoring Rosenbush Café.

humans discard everything

one another
father and mother
friend and foe
away they go

death through life
husband and wife

needless to say
we all go away

~ hb rosenbush

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