CSI Beams Aboard a Star Trek Homage in ‘A Space Oddity’

May 8th is still two weeks away, the day J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek feature opens wide in theaters. While the new film boasts the most state-of-the-art special effects available in 2009 most fans of the sixties small screen version were not generally attracted to the technological innovations, although now many of the prop devices have become real: the communicator (cell phones), phasers (stun guns), those little plastic computer discs that became, 3.5 plastic computer discs, and the transporter…well we’re still waiting unless you count those Jason Statham films.

Our fond memories were often based on the compelling stories, the repartee between Mr. “fascinating” Spock and Dr. Bones “He’s dead, Jim” McCoy, how often Captain Kirk bedded a femme alien without catching an STD and that while Montgomery Scott had a drinking problem it never affected his duties as engineer of a star ship.

Two weeks ago, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, still reinventing itself since Gil Grissom left to finally enjoy a non criminalist life with Sara Sidle, presented one of their best episodes of the season with ‘A Space Oddity,’ sans David Bowie. Over the past several seasons there has been an unresolved love connection between trace analyst Hodges and DNA hottie Wendy who, albeit in fantasy mode, finally reveals the slender sexy body and fantastic legs hiding beneath her lab coat.

So while we wait patiently for the new Star Trek, here is a clever homage to the original series with plenty of references fans should enjoy. Naturally, as a CSI episode expect violence, sexual themes and plenty of offbeat humor:

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