Bonjour: French Artistry Guaranteed to Crush Jaded ‘Normals’

My neverending search for creative inspiration takes me to France and another artistic site Documentary-Art

The publisher has deactivated subscriptions by email so just enjoy the site, now available under Appetizers at Artistic.

As a lover of Dadaism and Surrealism the more subversive and disturbing the better. The first video, is the five-minute ghosts from sunlight, part one and Doris Schlaepfer makes wonderful use of a soulful bass violin and solo piano score underlining imagery of shadows and transitional animation. The second, which is not going to appeal to parents of young children (doesn’t bother me but be forewarned some of the imagery is graphic and violent) and Sophie Phéline’s comprehensive, albeit brief, commentary is in French (I’ve should have taken more than one class in high school in 1971 so I’d understand more than every tenth word).

Jeu de Dames Chateau de Jau-Marlène Moquet Jeanne Susplugas is four minutes of paintings that echo a hybridization of, for starters, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst and Hieronymous Bosch in its mixture of brilliant dark sexuality and while it may be disquieting to some it certainly reminded me why I love art: images intended to illicit a response and how wonderfully non-Amerikan. The exhibiton would never be unveiled in Alabama because it would frighten the so-called “normals” and cause controversy, except in San Francisco, but for my eyes it is just what this world needs: imagery to knock the jaded off their high pedestals, and into the streets, where they will be run over by a large truck carrying at art supplies.

I finally captured one of these slowly moving ghosts in my garden. an animation by doris Schlaepfer la chasse aux ombres dans mon jardin, un film multi media de doris Schläpfer

JEU DE DAMES Marlène Moquet Jeanne Susplugas Château de Jau 66600 Cases de Pène Exposition du 27 juin au 27 septembre 2009 avec un commentaire de Sophie Phéline, commissaire de l’exposition

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