Alternatives to Closing Rosenbush Café

Rosenbush Cafe in the Sixties

Rosenbush Cafe in the Sixties

Rather than close down Rosenbush Café I am making fundamental menu modifications coinciding with obdurate circumstances beyond my control.

The Saturday Midnight Movie series has been cancelled due to indifference from readers and personal impassiveness anticipated because of current business outside the realm of the ether and Rosenbush Café. The previous films will remain in the archives under El Cine: Entertainment Section.

I may revive the series, if there is interest; however, with increasingly difficult times ahead I need to focus my consciousness on circumstances requiring all my concentration since it is a solitary effort.

Our Main Course will eternally feature Kalliope Amorphous and I am resolute in promoting all of her successes: exhibits, featured works in publications, on the ether and in the corporeal world, and each of her professional sites. Kalliope is the most significant artistic influence today in the world of self-portrait photography, poetry and writing. Her inspiration has encouraged me to continue my activities even in the face of personal disenchantment.

All menu links will remain and there will be new ones added when essential to my pursuit of artistic, imaginative and inspirational meditation.

Hypnagogique will remain on Mondays; however, since I am not a skillful poet I will revive older material rather than devote time to an area of expertise outside my purview. The conclusion of the two-part reminiscence of my journey to Maine will be featured Monday.

Wednesday Ladies’ Night will be truncated and essentially offer beloved music, from my discography, with brief illuminations concerning the performers and continue published under Obsessive Collector.

There will be weekly eXisTenTiaLNihLisT treatises; two more for May: “Encounters with Mental Renovations of Soul’s Property Condemnation” will explore sinister regions of the psyche and the accepted obliteration of personal freedoms, and “Hatching Inspiration from the Misery Egg” investigates mythological archetypes, as an enduring alternative to ordinary existence on this planet.

Occasional feline essays will appear and later this summer I propose to take all of the CSP (Cool Side of the Pillow) stories concerning my experiences with Alzheimer’s disease and my mothers’ death and merge them into a multivariate series. I will delete a number of insignificant past entries from 2007-08 or, when applicable, repost them with revisions.

Self Portrait, May, 2010

Self Portrait, May, 2010

I neither consider my actions frivolous nor my accomplishments meaningless; I will not vacillate in continuous publication of this blog; however, it is imperative I conclude my mission to liberate my spirit and I have the chutzpah to succeed.

Thanks to everyone for their support of this free enterprise and your ongoing patience is appreciated beyond simple words from my humble heart.

Henry B. Rosenbush

2 thoughts on “Alternatives to Closing Rosenbush Café

  1. jean bischoff turner

    Henry, Just wanted to say hello and to tell you again how much I enjoy your website. Hope you are well. Love, DeeDee

  2. Thank you DeeDee. Times have been very rough these days and receiving such a kind, unexpected comment from the mishpoca really was a cheer-up. Glad you still read my ramblings. Struggling with some life-changing experiences; however, still working towards a positive end. A hug and kiss to your wonderful other half; love to you both.

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