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cloud nirvana

by on Sep.24, 2011, under Laughing Ricochet

Temporal Warp: Cloud Nirvana

Temporal Warp: Cloud Nirvana

August 14th and my fourth temporal warp on 2011 opened; clouds as gateways. A white hole and one of the few recent moments to smile recently: rebuilding life and home from the tornado in April coupled with expected daily toiling at meaninglessness under the guise of success with delusions the size of the Crab Nebula…at least in its better days.

Many areas of the city are still in clean up mode and the rebuilding in east Tuscaloosa, where I live, is a visual gallery of ravaged natural landscapes and structural damage startlingly similar to Beirut in the seventies; all of those black and white filmstrips in the nineteen fifties of nuclear bomb blasts, where trees and buildings were obliterated at sharp angles, is echoed in horrific surreal tableaux.

As a lover of natural and cosmic scenery the opportunity to look upwards from the tragedy and quickly have the vastness of space and time remind me that while I may be a whisp of molecules I am capable of appreciating the majestic reality beyond the reach of my fingers because my eyes are wide open.

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