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Tag: Bill Maher

The Nature Of Existence

by on Mar.10, 2010, under El Cine: Entertainment Section

Few trailers for movies, or documentaries, are as perfectly encapsulate as filmmaker Roger “trekkies” Nygard’s upcoming brilliant look at the question of existence and why we are here. Why do we exist? The word “exist” conjures as many questions as answers as Nygard travels across the globe to ask a wide assortment of human beings what it means to them. Spirituality never looked so wonderfully confusing. Let’s hope this docu comes here to the Bible Belt so we can loosen the grip from around the bellies of the unenlightened. I’ll be in the first row so I won’t have to move several times, rather than listen to the same offended idiots, who were in the audience when I reviewed Bill Maher’s Religulous: Funny, Offensive and Thought-Provoking Docu

Trailer Contains Profanity and Sexual Language

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