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Rosenbush Café

Tag: ATT

AT&T Deactivates Ether; Closed Until Further Notice

by on Sep.05, 2010, under Café

eXisTenTiaLNihLisT (Grahpic profanity)

This update comes from a secret location somewhere out there and on a different computer since AT&T deactivated my ether account yesterday and in the process affected my small business drastically for an undetermined time frame. My tenants, mostly graduate students, are all with access to the ether and the first football home game tailgaters saw the darkest side of me ever in the 22 years they have known me. For the present, there will be no Alabama Crimson Tide football stories this year, and after my upcoming post it may be my final ether presence.

There are no secret places; at least, above ground. My secret place is inside my brain.

As a caveat, if my ether incarnation is truly about to end I am indifferent; ominous prophesies of my dreams and reality have hybridized succinctly, and internally, and I accept my fate undiminished because I will continue creative pursuits privately, returning to my days as a young writer, on manual typewriters of which I have many from before 1950, and reinvigorate self.

Does ATT Corporate care about Henry Bernard Rosenbush; the customer, individual, human being?

Not a fucking dollop. I learned, via verbal communication, that I am not their preferred class of customer!

I’ll save that disclosure for my blog post.

Will ATT forget me once my delineation of their intricately disconcerting imaginary organism is viewed from a microscope slide?

Are they even operated by humans? Perhaps disgruntled protoplasmic ethereal primordial slime?

Whatever the fuck they portray to the world individuals know the truth. Unfortunately, most individuals accept the punishment and are obediently led to the pillory. I am not one of those individuals.

My ExNil post, coming soon from a bucolic safe house, will concentrate on my waking hypnagogic nightmarish 10 hour ordeal, which started with a simple upgrade, by phantom technical support, and ended with an inexpertly disturbing revelation about who the real terrorists threatening America are; a group that even Homeland Security isn’t investigating, but should:

ATT: Assimilated Telecommunication Terrorism.

What I will share is all authentic bullshit from a communication company whose billions of dollars in advertising asserts they have 97 percent of the world covered; they have 97 percent of the world enslaved and they are not alone. Anger and resentment will be apparent but my dignified irate persona would not go unchallenged, albeit wholly ignored and unrepentantly decimated.

It may be my last ever blogging post but I promise all intelligent life forms it will touch the enslaved souls of millions of you even if only hundreds read it…

There is one certainty; I am an discontented sentient being and the penultimate straw broke my back and I intend to return the favor to ATT and pen my final eXisTenTiaLNihLisT, since I expect repercussions that could terminate Rosenbush Café, I will concentrate on four topics that need to be undressed from their silk suits and exposed, naked to the lash:

Trash Society, Telecommunication: The Original Terrorists, Governmental segregation of the Masses and Pharmaceutical Human Defoliation.

Character Howard Beale best expounded, in Paddy Chayefsky’s brilliant and prescient film, “Network,” a future that has arrived, been superceded, and is now being reinvented:

I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore.

I am comfortable articulating outrage at local government, the university, attorneys, doctors and the finality and futility and living in a society that is intentionally allowing itself to destroy and be destroyed.

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